• APV RS 450 M1 & RS 600 M1 Rotary Harrow (New)

    Perfectly suited to breaking up earth crusts

    The Rotary Harrow is very well suited for breaking up soil crusts, which makes subsequent manual tillage much easier. Due to its crumbling action, it is ideal for weed control and mulch seed crops. The springoperated supporting arms ensure very good ground adaptation. In combination with a Pneumatic Seeder (PS), the Rotary Harrow covers the seed with fine earth and harrows it in.

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  • APV GP 300 M1 and GP 600 M1 Pro Harrow (New)

    The Grassland Pro Harrow GP 300 M1 and GP 600 M1 is very well suited for meadow cultivation, for reseeding and the new seeding of grass. Due to the unique combination of 12 mm and 8 mm tines, the sward is optimally processed.

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  • APV GS 600 M1 Grassland Harrow

    Efficient reseeding of grass

    The Grassland Harrow GS 600 M1 is used mainly in areas where increased grassland cultivation is necessary. The two powerful front tine rows pull out matting and weeds, while the two weak back tine rows separate the earth from the pulled out matting and weeds and work the spread grass seeds into the soil.

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  • APV GS 300 M1 Grassland Harrow (New)

    Our Grassland Harrow GS 300 M1 can be used single as well as in combination with an existing roller, given that the GS 300 M1 can be used in front. If needed, the reconsolidation of the sward can be done with the roller at the rear. This leads to a balanced weight distribution, which facilitates particularly work on slopes.

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  • Disc / Tine Harrow (Used)

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  • Fleming Trailed Grass Harrow

    From 1.2M width to 3.7M

    Scarifying has long since been regarded as one of the most efficient ways of promoting grass growth. Scarifying removes weeds and moss, aerates the soil, breaks up sods and surface crusting, improves moisture and improves herbicide absorption which stimulates the growth of grass.

    Fleming Landlevellers can also be used to level out equestrian centres, race tracks and running tracks.

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  • Fleming Mounted Grass Harrow

    The Fleming Mounted Grass Harrow Range is compatible with a wide range of horsepowers which makes Fleming the perfect option for the hobby farmer/gardener or the large agricultural farmer.

    There are currently five different sizes in the Fleming Grass Harrow range. There are the:

    From 2.2M width to 5.25M

    – GHL6 – 6′ (1.8m) Mounted Harrow
    – GHL10 – 10′ (3m) Mounted Harrow
    – GHL12 – 12′ (3.7m) Mounted Harrow
    – GHL14 – 14′ (4.25m) Mounted Harrow
    – GHL16 – 16′ (4.9m) Mounted Harrow

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  • Amazone KE rotary harrow

    The KE rotary harrow is superbly suited for soil tillage after the plough and mulch sowing on pre-cultivated soils. The strong frame, one piece rotor head and shaft and a sprung tine fixing result in a very robust implement. The large clearance between the tines and above the rotor heads ensures the free passage of large amount of straw or clods of soil.

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  • Amazone Large Certos 2-TX trailed compact disc harrow

    The Certos-2TX is ideally suited for intensive mixing and medium-deep soil tillage. With its 660 mm discs, the Certos-2TX penetrates the soil down to 20 cm and incorporates also large amounts of organic matter, blockage-free. Thanks to ist wide application range, the Certos-2TX with working widths of 4 m to 7 m is the powerful allrounder for any farm.

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  • Amazone Catros XL mounted compact disc harrow

    Due to its open frame design and the large through passage potential, the CatrosXL compact disc harrow is optimally suited to farms with much organic matter. Due to the large diameter, fine or coarse serrated, 610 mm discs, working depths down to 16 cm are no problem. In working widths of 3 m to 4 m and operational speeds of 12 to 18 km/h, high acreage outputs with an excellent quality of work can be achieved.

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  • Amazone Catros 12003-2TS trailed disc harrow

    The Catros+ 12003-2TS trailed compact disc harrow is ideally suited for shallow and intensively mixing soil tillage. Thanks to its particularly easy pulling, irrespective of its 12 m working width, especially high speeds at high acreage Outputs are possible – and all this extraordinarily economical at a record breaking low fuel consumption.

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  • Amazone Catros-2TX trailed compact disc harrow

    The Catros-2TX is ideally suited for shallow and intensively mixing soil tillage. The centre running gear provides the machine with a high manoeuvrability and allows the safe and quick road transport irrespective of working widths of 7 m to 9 m. The exceptional running gear and easy pull guarantee the highest operational comfort and utmost efficiency.

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  • Amazone Catros-2TS trailed compact disc harrow

    The Catros, Catros+, Catros-2 and Catros-2TS compact disc harrows are ideally suited for shallow and intensively mixing soil tillage. Thanks to its easy pulling, and working widths from 3 to 6 m, especially high forward speeds and impressive work rates are possible.

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