APV ZS 200 M4 Twin Disc Spreader (New)

Slug pellets with large working widths

Due to its structure and functions, the ZS 200 M4 is the ultimate slug pellet spreader. Due to the two spreading discs operated independently of each other, an absolutely symmetric spreading pattern is achieved also in the case of larger working widths. The ZS 200 M4 represents a cost-efficient and precise alternative for the output of catch crops, reseeding grass, the spreading of slug pellets (up to 31 m), nurse crops and the seeding on fallow land. Because the seeding can be executed simultaneously to the soil tillage.



    • Cultivating intercrops (Greening)
    • Grass reseeding
    • Cultivationg slug pellets
    • Nurse crops
    • Spreading on fallow land


    • Slug pellet spreader with the largest working width and the best lateral distribution on the market (certified by independent institutes / specialist publications)
    • Symmetric spreading pattern and lateral distribution (according to the testing institute IRSTEA)
    • Point of impact adjustment for both spreading discs in order to obtain an optimal spreading pattern
    • Adjustment of spreading width and amount while driving
    • Agitator is gentle on the seed
    • Two hopper discharge ports
    • Boundary spreading function
    • Large 200 litre tank for high area output
    • Slowly turning, gentle agitator for spreading material / seeds



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