Malone Trojan MT-35, Trojan MT-42, Trojan MT-52 Self Loading Forage Wagons

After almost 2 and half years at the drawing board and 2 years field tests, in 2008 we were pleased to annouce the farmers/contractors range of Self Loading Wagons suitable for all Irish conditions. Since then sales of the Self Loading Wagon have been phenominal across Ireland and Europe.

Heavy duty gearboxes, 2m pick-up reel with 5 rows of quality tines, balanced suspension, tandem axles and wheels that work well in the field and on road.

  • Huge Load Capacity
  • 2m Wide Pick Up Reel
  • Quality Irish Build & Design
  • Tested in Tough Terrain
  • Heavy Duty Rotor
  • Air Brakes Available
  • Steering Axle (some models)


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