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  • Amazone Profihopper zDrive, iDrive and 4WDi, self-propelled mower/collector

    With the new robust PowerCompactor system, AMAZONE has substantially increased the delivery capacity and compacting performance of the new Profihopper. Your benefit: thanks to the PowerCompactor, not only do you increase work rates but at the same time set-up and non-working time is reduced. In this way, the new Profihoppers, in combination with the Exact horizontal flail cutting rotor and the out-front mounted high-class mowing and scarifying unit, are the ideal solution for low dust mowing with the simultaneous collecting of grass and scarifying material in a single pass. This is a distinct advantage that you can make use of in almost any mowing operation – especially in damp conditions.

    The combination of lever steer giving a true zero-turn characterise the Profihopper zDrive. At the same time, the zDrive, in conjunction with the PowerCompactor, excels in its extraordinary output capacity and quality of work.

    However, it is the steering wheel and 0-turning circle that identifies the Profihopper iDrive and 4WDi. Again the PowerCompactor system, found also on both these models, ensures that top cutting quality is maintained and offers even more comfort of operation.

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  • Amazone Horsehopper mounted mower

    For maximum utilisation of horse paddocks, rank patches and thistles should be carefully mown. Simultaneously horse droppings have to be removed so that the paddocks remain clean and disease-free and the Horse-Hopper from AMAZONE carries out these tasks comfortably and reliably.

    The Horse-Hopper is a universal machine in 1.50 or 1.80 metre cutting width which can be mounted onto small tractors and which copes with anything in jsut one pass: mowing, aerating, cutting and simultaneoulsy collecting the cuttings and the horse droppings.
    For the collection of moist cuttings, mixed with horse droppings, the Horse-Hopper is equipped with wing knives in combination with scarifying knives.

    The scarifying blades loosen the horse excrement in the sward and the wing blades left lift the muck and collect both the horse droppings and the cuttings in the hopper. Outside of the paddock, the hopper contents can be discharged via a bowden cable and composted. As option, the Horse-Hopper can also be equipped with a hydraulic emptying system.

    Get the benefit for your horses!

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  • Amazone Groundkeeper tractor-mounted mower/collector

    Mowing, scarifying, collecting, mulching and rolling in one pass with the AMAZONE Groundkeeper.
    You will be won over by the Groundkeepers’s exceptional mowing and collection capacity. Whether you cut your grass once a week or once a year, the Groundkeeper will mow and collect the cuttings always with the utmost efficiency.
    The Groundkeeper’s versatility makes it a reliable workhorse all year round. In spring, you can use it to scarify and mow grass on sports fields and golf courses without going round twice. In summer, your Groundkeeper will take on the intensive and extensive maintenance of all types of green areas, whereas in the autumn, it will pick up dead leaves, however high they are piled up. The rugged, reliable Groundkeeper lives for hard work, and is the ideal tool for professional landscape maintenance contractors.

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  • Amazone EDX precision airplanter

    The EDX trailed precision seeder, which can be used after the plough, in mulch or for direct sowing, is characterised particularly by its reliability and its high operational comfort. The EDX, in working widths of 6 m and 9 m, has seed hopper sizes of 600 l and 800 l respectively and can be operated at speeds of up to 15 km/h.

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  • Amazone ED precision air seeder

    The ED precision air seeder scores with its precise seed placement and the very accurate singling system. When equipped with the appropriate singling disc it can be matched to almost any seed type. In addition the 60 l seed hoppers reduce the fill times. Mechanical fertiliser and singling drive on the ED Special. The ED Super, however, is equipped with electric drive for the fertiliser metering as well as hydraulic singling drive.

    Apart from the rigid 3 m and 4.5 m machines, AMAZONE also offers the folding 4.5 m and 6 m versions. In addition, a front tank can be utilised as a fertiliser hopper.

    The ED is ISOBUS compatible and can comfortably be operated with the Profi electronics via AMATRON 3, CCI 100 or other ISOBUS terminals. In its basic electronic equipment level, the ED Special is controlled via the machine specific AMASCAN+.

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  • Amazone Cayena tine seeder

    The Cayena tine coulter seed drill has been designed for high-speed sowing on hard, dry and stony soils with or without prior soil tillage.
    With its 6 m working width and 3,600 l hopper capacity, the Cayena can achieve enormous work rates and, as an alternative, the Cayena-C comes with a 4,000 litre, twin tank hopper.

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  • Amazone Condor trailed seed drill

    The Condor trailed seed drill utilises individually-guided ConTeC pro sowing coulters, in row widths of either 25 cm or 31.3 cm/33.3 cm, making it particularly suitable for use in extensive farming methods as found in continental dry regions. In working widths of 12 and 15 m, and with its 8,000 litre, 3 section pressurised seed tank, the Condor offers enormous working efficiency.

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  • Amazone DMC Primera large area seed drill

    With the new generation of seed drills – Primera DMC in working widths of 3 m, 4.5 m, 6 m, 9 m and 12 m – AMAZONE is offering an outstanding machine for cost-effective crop establishment over large areas.

    This versatile large area seed drill with its unique coulter unit is ideally suited, not only for mulch and direct sowing, however, but also for sowing following the plough.

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  • Amazone Cirrus trailed sowing combination

    The Cirrus trailed cultivator drill is a pneumatic seed drill which is characterised by its superb working performance; both in conventional and mulch sowing.
    With its working widths of 3 to 6 m and hopper sizes from 3,000 to 3,600 l, the Cirrus stands for Maximum work rates and as an alternative, the Cirrus-C comes also with a 4,000 l twin outlet pressurised hopper.

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  • Amazone Avant front tank seed drill

    High work rates and first-class sowing performance: With these outstanding features, the folding Avant seed drill combination proves its worth with its ability to operate in practically every farming situation. In larger working widths of 4, 5 or 6 m, the professional end user can profit form the modular build design. The front linkage of the tractor is made practical use of by the seed hopper; no additional weights are required. So, with the seed hopper mounted on the front and the rotary cultivator, packer roller and sowing coulters on the rear of the tractor, the result is a manoeuvrable combination with an optimum weight distribution that provides high outputs even in small fields. Quick and simple change round from field to field: Just fold up hydraulically, drive on to the next field, unfold and start work!

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  • Amazone AD-P Super pack top seed drill

    The AD-P Super pneumatic pack top seed drill, in working widths of 3 m and 4 m, is absolutely ideal for farm sizes of between 200 and 500 hectares or for agricultural contractors.

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