Amazone Horsehopper mounted mower

For maximum utilisation of horse paddocks, rank patches and thistles should be carefully mown. Simultaneously horse droppings have to be removed so that the paddocks remain clean and disease-free and the Horse-Hopper from AMAZONE carries out these tasks comfortably and reliably.

The Horse-Hopper is a universal machine in 1.50 or 1.80 metre cutting width which can be mounted onto small tractors and which copes with anything in jsut one pass: mowing, aerating, cutting and simultaneoulsy collecting the cuttings and the horse droppings.
For the collection of moist cuttings, mixed with horse droppings, the Horse-Hopper is equipped with wing knives in combination with scarifying knives.

The scarifying blades loosen the horse excrement in the sward and the wing blades left lift the muck and collect both the horse droppings and the cuttings in the hopper. Outside of the paddock, the hopper contents can be discharged via a bowden cable and composted. As option, the Horse-Hopper can also be equipped with a hydraulic emptying system.

Get the benefit for your horses!

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