Amazone Profihopper zDrive, iDrive and 4WDi, self-propelled mower/collector

With the new robust PowerCompactor system, AMAZONE has substantially increased the delivery capacity and compacting performance of the new Profihopper. Your benefit: thanks to the PowerCompactor, not only do you increase work rates but at the same time set-up and non-working time is reduced. In this way, the new Profihoppers, in combination with the Exact horizontal flail cutting rotor and the out-front mounted high-class mowing and scarifying unit, are the ideal solution for low dust mowing with the simultaneous collecting of grass and scarifying material in a single pass. This is a distinct advantage that you can make use of in almost any mowing operation – especially in damp conditions.

The combination of lever steer giving a true zero-turn characterise the Profihopper zDrive. At the same time, the zDrive, in conjunction with the PowerCompactor, excels in its extraordinary output capacity and quality of work.

However, it is the steering wheel and 0-turning circle that identifies the Profihopper iDrive and 4WDi. Again the PowerCompactor system, found also on both these models, ensures that top cutting quality is maintained and offers even more comfort of operation.

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