APV MDS 40 M1 & MDS 100 M1 Multi-Metering System (New)

Combines the advantages of PS and disc spreaders

The Multi-Metering System MDS combines the benefits of a Pneumatic Seeder and a Disc Spreader. Precise metering is performed by a seeding shaft, the seeds are distributed via a spreading plate – ideal for slug pellets on large working widths. Also suitable for spreading a great variety of catch crops.
Due to the varied mounting options and the simple and fast installation and adjustment for various soil tillage implements, the MDS can be used several times in the course of a year for a variety of applications.


  The maximum spread rate is of approximately 5 kg/min slug pellets.
In the case of seeds, it depends on the seed shape and density.
The spreader is not suitable for corrosive fertilisers and other substances.


    • “High end” slug pellet spreader
    • Speed-dependent spreading of catch crops

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