Fleming Trailing Shoe / Dribble Bar

In association with Agquip, Fleming-Agri Products now offer a Trailing Shoe/Dribble Bar in addition to their Slurry Tanker range. The Fleming/Agquip Trailing Shoe/ Dibble Bar use distribution boots to ensure that the slurry goes directly onto the surface of the soil. This prevents waste and greatly reduces the contamination of grass associated with normal slurry spreading.

The Super Elastic discharge pipes are kink-proof, have excellent weather resistance and have reinforcement along their entire length which promotes strength and durability giving the product a longer lifespan.

The discharge pipes are equipped with a sprung steel support which allows the feeder boot to be deflected by underlying obstacles.

The Computer aided Designed profile of the distribution boot offers additional optimum flow characteristics, manufactured from injection moulded rubber for extra flexibility and a longer lifespan.

The Fleming/Agquip unit uses the Vogelsang Extra-Cut Macerator to distribute the slurry evenly and has the following feature incorporated:

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