• Krone TX Silage Trailers

    • Up to 56 m³ (1,978 ft³) capacity (DIN 11741)
    • Sloping steel floor at the front for increased machine capacity and stability
    • Single frame design for a low dead weight and high payload
    • Optional discharge rollers
    • Flared tail- and headboards for easier and loss-free filling
    • Articulated drawbar with hydraulic control lowers the machine‘s front end for a larger filling angle
    • Extremely powerful roller chain to drive the chain-and-slat floor:
      Up to 34 m / min advance on the TX 460 and TX 560
      Up to 17 m / min advance on the TX 460 D and TX 560 D
    • Double chain-and-slat floor uses 14 x 50 mm (0.6″ x 2″) round steel chains
    • Conical load space for easy unloading
    • Hydraulic auto-level axles
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  • Krone ZX self loading and forager filled forage wagons

    One wagon – two ways of filling

    • The world‘s most powerful self-loading and harvester-filled forage wagon
      New and revolutionary 400 hp driveline
    • Hydraulic and camless pick-up, W-arrangement of tines
    • Steel floor with sloping front end
    • Pivoting headboard
      Boosted capacity from a compact build
      Variable pressure control
      Pushing plate
    • Swing-out knife bank with 48 selectable knives
    • Optional SpeedSharp knife sharpener
    • Massive cut-and-feed rotor with wide Hardox tine plates
    • Three standard discharge rollers on ZX GD models. Overload protection comes from a clutch in the main driveline
    • Hydraulic auto-level axles
    • VariLoad auto filling system with automatic chain-and-slat floor control
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  • Krone RX self loading and forager filled forage wagons

    RX is KRONE’s latest generation of forage wagons. Offering capacities between 36 and 43 m3, these machines serve two purposes – as self-loading and as controlled-unloading forage wagons but also as silage trailers in the transport fleet serving the forage harvester. The optional 30.5-inch tyres offer a higher load bearing, easier pulling, better soil protection and enhanced road safety. This versatility is paired with an outstanding reliability and efficiency, making the RX a particularly productive machine.

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  • Krone MX forage and discharge wagon

    More output from less horsepower: Buying a KRONE MX forage wagon means buying into experience and expertise. Innovations such as the camless EasyFlow pick-up system, the massive cut-and-feed rotor, the knife bank that swings out to the side, and the chain-and-slat floor that slopes at the front, they all combine to implement higher throughputs, lower power inputs, more operator comfort and less wear and maintenanc

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  • Krone AX self loading and forager filled forage wagons

    AX defines our range of forage wagons that offer capacities from 25 m³ to 31 m³ and which are available with different extensions that give users the flexibility to use them as self-loading forage wagons with and without discharge rollers but also as silage trailers in the maize harvest chain. AX suggests maximum reliability, efficiency and flexibility.

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  • Grass Tech Grazer

    The Grazer is designed so that the weight is evenly spread so as to reduce soil damage and compaction. Another important feature is that all the hydraulics are powered using the tractor’s hydraulic system. By not having a self-contained pump and oil tank, this saves a considerable amount of weight, which has allowed us instead to use thicker steel throughout the machine and add strength to areas such as the bogey and pivot pins and use heavier duty bushes for greater reliability.

    The Grass Tech Grazer is available in four model sizes, making it ideal for use with herds both large and small.

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  • Fleming 4 & 6 Ton Tipping Trailers

    The Fleming Tipping Trailer range is designed with a strong and sturdy structure which allows for multi-purpose use.

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  • Fleming Compact Tipping Trailers

    The Fleming Tipping Trailer range is designed with a strong and sturdy structure which allows for multi-purpose use.
    The compact Tipping Trailer models include:

    – TR1

    – TR2

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  • Fleming TR14 tipping trailer

    Heavy Duty 14,000kg Agricultural trailer designed to satisfy the requirements of modern trailer operations.

    All chassis and body parts are manufactured from high tensile steel plate and hollow section to help reduce weight and increase payload without compromising structural strength. Unique design sprung draw bar provides excellent ride characteristics working in combination with the multi leaf spring bogie suspension to reduce stress on the towing vehicle and operator.

    Tapered body and twin heavy duty tipping rams ensure a fast and clean unloading time with all hydraulic pipes safely concealed within the chassis.

    10 stud heavy duty commercial axle, brakes and lights. 40mm EN8 towing eye, skid and skid carrier

    Hydraulic hose carrier and access ladder 550/45/22.5 flotation tyres.

    Options include:

    Hydraulic back door complete with locking safety valve to avoid accidental spillage.

    Galvanised silage extension kit complete with swinging back door and automatic trip.

    Front viewing window Grain chute

    Tarpaulin cover

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  • Fleming TR10 General Purpose Trailer

    Ideal general purpose trailer with a large capacity of 10,000kg Reinforced half sides for easy fitting with reinforced hinge points All 4 side of the trailer are removable

    High tip for clean unloading with high specification H.D 3 stage Tipping Hyd. cylinder

    Hydraulic brakes & lights and reflective triangles as standard. Lights fitted in protective channel

    Spring suspension creates less stress on the trailer structure resulting in longer maintenance free operation

    Slim-line reinforced draw-bar with galvanised parking shoe, hose and cable stand as standard

    4.35m x 2.23m x 60cm (14ft3” x 7ft2” X 2ft)

    Optional Grain sides

    Optional bale extension.

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  • Fleming Flatbed Bale Trailer

    Flemings currently have two models in the Flatbed Bale Trailer range. These are the TRF21 (21ft) and the TRF25 (25ft) trailers. The trailers are built to a high standard with high quality materials.

    The Fleming Flatbed Bale Trailer range is well known for its large capacity trailers and for the sprung axle which they are equipped with which results in smooth road transportation.

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  • Fleming 8 Ton Monoque Tipping Trailer

    – Solid construction Monoque body for extra strength
    – High tip tapered body for clean unloading
    – Heavy duty structural steel 180mm channel chassis with 6 stud axles
    – Heavy duty reinforced 4mm
    – Large capacity 8000Kg – 10m
    – 4.1m x 2.2m x 1.26m (13ft5” x 7ft2”)
    – Extra high sides 1260mm (49”)
    – Lights and reflective triangles are standard, positioned inside heavy duty structural channel for protection against working environment
    – Tandem H.D parabolic spring suspension for smooth working operation
    – Spring suspension creates less stress on the trailer structure resulting in longer maintenance free operation
    – H.D 3 stage Tipping Hydraulic cylinder
    – Silage sides optional

    Avaiability: In Stock
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