• APV GW 250 M1 and GW 300 M1 Grassland Rollers (New)

    GW 250 M1 and GW 300 M1

    Cambridge or toothed ring rollers made by APV are the perfect implements for professional grassland and field operations for improving the soil closure and thus the seed germination. Both types of rollers can be used perfectly well in field and grassland operations, achieving a good, crumbly seedbed structure, as well as optimal reconsolidation.

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  • Fleming Trailed & 3 Point Linkage Land Roller

    103010 / 103612 / 93612 / 93616 / 83612 / 83012 / 83010

    Fleming Agri-Products have been manufacturing landrollers for over 40 years which has resulted in a wealth of technical experience in the field.

    The Trailed & Three Point Linkage Landroller comes in the following models:

    – 2.5m (8ft)

    – 2.7m (9ft)

    – 3m (10ft)

    The Trailed & Three Point Linage Landrollers are good, general purpose rollers which can be filled with water for extra weight.

    The three point linkage also allows for easy transport when empty.

    A Spare Parts List for these machines can be found in the specification section.

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  • Fleming Hydraulic Lifting Landroller

    9WK12 / 9WK16 & 8WK12

    Performance 12-14 acres per hour

    Fleming Agri-Products have developed a range of hydraulic lifting, water ballast landrollers and are currently the market leaders in the UK and Ireland.

    The Hydraulic Lifting Roller is available in 2.5 (8ft) and 2.7m (9ft) models with 740mm (30inch) and 890mm (36 inch) dia drums with 12-16mm wall thickness.

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  • Fleming Compact Land Roller

    Flemingʼs have been manufacturing landrollers for over 40 years, resulting in a wealth of technical experience in this field.

    Compact models include:
    – 4ft (4 x 24 x 6)
    – 5ft (5 x 24 x 6)
    – 6ft6 (6.6 x 24 x 6)
    – 8ft (8 x 24 x 6)

    Designed initially for agricultural grassland and cereals, Fleming rollers are now used on a wide variety of applications including:

    – parkland & sports fields
    – horse menage and gallops
    – horticultural use
    – the manufacture and maintenance of golf course, sports pitches and grass turf production.

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  • Fleming 18ft End Tow Land Roller

    All Drums Are Air Tested, Can Be Water Filled For Extra Weight & Transported Fully Laden.

    Has Heavy Duty Bearings For Long Life And Low Maintenance.

    Heavy Duty 120mm Structural Box Frame With Reinforced Lowered

    Pick Up Eye As Standard For

    Good Ground Clearance.

    6 Stud Axle Hubs With 400 Tyres.

    Twin Rams And Scraper Blades As Standard.

    75mm Steel Shaft With 6 Bearings Reducing Wear On Shafts and Easier Turning At Headland.

    Unique Fleming Swing Drawbars With Reinforced Hd Pivot points.

    Easy Change Over To Transport/working Position. Swing Drawbars/no Heavy Lifting.

    130 Horse Power Requirement.

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  • Fleming Hydraulic Folding Land Roller

    Fleming Agri-Porducts have been manufacturing landrollers for over 40 years.Designed initially for agricultural grassland and cereals, Fleming’s range of landrollers are now used on a variety of different land types from parkland and sports fields to horticultural use.

    Fleming’s Hydraulic Folding Rollers are mainly for use on large areas of land

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  • Amazone Double Disc Roller

    The basic design comprises of two rollers, arranged one behind the other, consisting of enclosed, welded steel dishes with serrated outer rims mounted in pairs. Both rollers feature an outer diameter of 600 mm. The dish elements are fitted on a shaft at a spacing of 25 cm, resulting in a point spacing of 12.5 cm. The dishes are low wearing and additionally fitted scrapers keep the rollers free from sticking soil.

    In addition to the excellent, strip-wise reconsolidation effect, the Double Disc Roller, specially when in those heaviest of soils, achieves a very good crumbling. Furthermore it is characterised by its high carrying ability, good soil and trash passage and an optimum self-driving effect. It is completely insensitive to stones because, due to the large dead weight of the rollers, stones are pressed back into the soil. For the soil horizon, the Double Disc Roller leaves a rough soil surface and thus provides little vulnerability to capping and a good air and water exchange within the worked soils.

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  • Amazone DW disc roller

    The DW disc-roller (diameter: 600 mm) roller has been designed in particular for operation on heavy, moist soils. To prevent the roller from becoming blocked with soil it is equipped with individually mounted, adjustable scrapers.


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  • Amazone WW angle profile roller

    The knife ring rollers consist of a galvanised central roller drum and a knife rail with associated mounting parts. They are ideal for operation on heavy and clayey soils where the knife rings provide an intensive clod cutting effect and a smooth travel. On the other hand, they are also suited to very light soils where normally the soil would bulldoze in front of an enclosed cylinder resulting in it blocking.

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  • Amazone DUW Double-U profile roller

    The DUW Double U-Profile roller (diameter: 2 x 580 mm) is, as well as the single UW U-Profile roller, recommended when a high carrying ability, a high through-passage and, at the same time, a good levelling effect are the focus. Due to the “soil-to-soil” contact of the U-profiles, any wear is minimal. Thanks to double the number of U-profile rings on two rollers, the Double U-Profile roller provides an even higher carrying ability. In addition, the roller, thanks to the narrower spacing, achieves a shallower reconsolidation in the direction of travel than the single U-Profile roller. Again, thanks to its design, the Double U-Profile roller suffers very little wear. As an option, a following harrow for the additional crumbling and levelling is available from choice.

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  • Amazone UW U-profile roller

    The UW U-Profile roller (diameter: 580 mm) is recommended for use especially where there is an emphasis on load carrying ability, good soil passage and, at the same time, a good levelling effect. The open U-profile, which fills with soil to minimise wear and thus gently reconsolidates the ground via that “soil to soil” contact. Reconsolidation is carried out in the direction of travel without an intensive depth effect. The U-Profile roller performs particularly well on light soils. Thanks to its design, the U-Profile roller is comparatively light and suffers from little wear.
    As options, a sprung clearing system or a harrow is available from choice.

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