• Fleming MS700 on 550 floatation wheels

    Fleming Agri offer a range of high output muck spreaders, designed to shred and spread the muck evenly. The MS700 muck spreader is ideal for medium size farms and holdings. A simple chain and sprocket drive line, mounted on heavy duty bearings gears down the spreader to reduce the power demand on the tractor and increase fuel efficiency.

    It has a capacity of 6.5 cubic yards.

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  • Spreadpoint R1050 (New)

    Model R.1050

    Size 10.3CuYrd

    New 5 axis rotor giving easier starting and finer spreading  – never seen before

    Large opening lid for easy loading

    Heavy duty 8 stud 90mm axle

    Twin hydraulic brake cylinders

    Steel hydraulic pipework

    Heavy Duty chain drive

    Easy access to drive chain due to new cover design


    LED lights

    550/60R22.5 tyres

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  • APV MDS 40 M1 & MDS 100 M1 Multi-Metering System (New)

    Combines the advantages of PS and disc spreaders

    The Multi-Metering System MDS combines the benefits of a Pneumatic Seeder and a Disc Spreader. Precise metering is performed by a seeding shaft, the seeds are distributed via a spreading plate – ideal for slug pellets on large working widths. Also suitable for spreading a great variety of catch crops.
    Due to the varied mounting options and the simple and fast installation and adjustment for various soil tillage implements, the MDS can be used several times in the course of a year for a variety of applications.


      The maximum spread rate is of approximately 5 kg/min slug pellets.
    In the case of seeds, it depends on the seed shape and density.
    The spreader is not suitable for corrosive fertilisers and other substances.


      • “High end” slug pellet spreader
      • Speed-dependent spreading of catch crops
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  • APV ZS 200 M4 Twin Disc Spreader (New)

    Slug pellets with large working widths

    Due to its structure and functions, the ZS 200 M4 is the ultimate slug pellet spreader. Due to the two spreading discs operated independently of each other, an absolutely symmetric spreading pattern is achieved also in the case of larger working widths. The ZS 200 M4 represents a cost-efficient and precise alternative for the output of catch crops, reseeding grass, the spreading of slug pellets (up to 31 m), nurse crops and the seeding on fallow land. Because the seeding can be executed simultaneously to the soil tillage.

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  • APV ES 100 M1 Classic & ES 100 M3 Special Single Disc Spreader (New)

    The ES 100 M1 Classic and ES 100 M3 Special

    Is ideal for spreading catch crops, grass seeds, nurse crops, slug pellets and similar granules. The working width can be adjusted to fulfil relevant requirements from the driver’s seat via the control box. The seeding density can be quickly and easily adjusted via a metering shutter on the device.

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  • Fleming Wagtail Spreader

    500L (FSC500W) To 1400L (FSC1400W)

    The Fleming Sitrex Wagtail Fertiliser Spreaders have been designed for farmers who do not need a large capacity fertiliser spreader.
    The Wagtail Fertiliser Spreaders are suitable for use on small tractors. This implement is also a cost effective means of spreading large quantities of fertiliser.

    Wagtail models include:

    – FSC500W (500L)
    – FSC600W (600L)
    – FSC800W (800L)
    – FSC1000W (1000L)
    – FSC1250W (1250L)
    – FSC1400W (1400L)

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  • Fleming Trailed Fertiliser Spreader

    213L (FSC180T)

    The Fleming Sitrex Trailed Fertiliser Spreaders are for use on green areas and gardens. These small Trailed Fertiliser Spreaders are designed for use on small tractors, garden vehicles and other compact machines which do not have a P.T.O shaft.

    On this particular spreader it is the movement of the wheels through the gearbox which is fitted on the main axle which makes the spreading disc turn. It is the forward speed of the tractor etc. which determines the spreading width of the spreader.

    Ideal for sports pitches, gardens, small parks & paddocks
    Optional stainless steel disc instead of standard optional salt agitator
    Rigid axle & gearbox
    Direct Drive
    All trailed speaders treated with rust inhibitor and finished with an epoxy varnish baked at 120 degrees Celsius for longer life
    Steel disc and fin
    Plastic hopper
    Can spread Dried Salt and sand.


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  • Fleming Single Disc Spreaders

    335L (FS300) & 450L (FS500)

    The Fleming Sitrex Fertilizer Spreaders are made with the highest quality of materials. They undergo an intense painting process which includes being degrease, then painted with anti-rust, coated with anti-corrosive paint and finally dried at 120 degrees Celsius. This provides the Fleming Sitrex Fertilizer Spreaders with improved durability and a longer life.


    Spreading disc with 4 fins
    Finished with an epoxy varnish, baked at 120deg for longer life
    4 adjustable spinner fins
    Spreaders are treated with rust inhibitor and coated with anti-corrosive paint
    Attachment available for spreading dry salt and sand.
    Optional cover

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