Link Boxes

  • NC Engineering Link a Sweep 2300 Redesigned Link Box (New)

    Hydraulic link box.
    A Sweeper/Collector.
    Oil flow requirements 7.6 gallons per
    Minute (35 litres)
    Can be separated to use as standard link
    Range available in widths 6’ 10’’, 7’ 10’’, 8’
    10’’ (2.08m, 2.38m and 2.69m)
    Various combinations of bristles
    (segments) available, i.e. Polypropylene
    and Steel or Polypropylene
    Quick attach onto tractor
    Galvanised canopy as standard
    Standard Hardened wear edge on link box
    Option Kerb Brush
    Option Dribble bar for dust suppression
    Park stands for sweeper when not in us
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  • Fleming Tipping Transport Boxes

    The Fleming Transport Box Range are manufactured to the highest of standards. They are designed to work in various environments which includes everything from lightweight garden use right through to heavy duty work on a farm.

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  • Fleming Hydraulic Transport Boxes

    Manufactured to the highest of standards, the hydraulic box has a robust and durable steel construction.

    Available Models:
    – HYD4
    – HYD5C
    – HYD5
    – HYD6
    – HYD6’6
    – HYD7

    Features of the Compact Hydraulic Transport Box Range:

    – Available 4ft (1.25m) (HYD4) and 5ft (1.5m) (HYD5C)

    – Boxes to suit tractors from 16 – 60 horse power.

    – Range of 3PL setting to suit most tractors

    – Reinforced Nose Plate. The computer aided design of the box allows the unit to be used to scoop up material and contain it in transport without the need for a back door.

    – Require D/A spool valve.

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