• Amazone Groundkeeper tractor-mounted mower/collector

    Mowing, scarifying, collecting, mulching and rolling in one pass with the AMAZONE Groundkeeper.
    You will be won over by the Groundkeepers’s exceptional mowing and collection capacity. Whether you cut your grass once a week or once a year, the Groundkeeper will mow and collect the cuttings always with the utmost efficiency.
    The Groundkeeper’s versatility makes it a reliable workhorse all year round. In spring, you can use it to scarify and mow grass on sports fields and golf courses without going round twice. In summer, your Groundkeeper will take on the intensive and extensive maintenance of all types of green areas, whereas in the autumn, it will pick up dead leaves, however high they are piled up. The rugged, reliable Groundkeeper lives for hard work, and is the ideal tool for professional landscape maintenance contractors.

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  • Amazone XTender and XTender-T mounted rear tank

    With the Xtender mounted hopper and the Xtender-T trailed hopper, AMAZONE offers two flexible and efficient solutions for the simultaneous application of fertiliser and/or seed during soil tillage in just one operational pass. Thanks to the divided 4,200 l hopper, high acreage outputs are ensured.

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