APV ES 100 M1 Classic & ES 100 M3 Special Single Disc Spreader (New)

The ES 100 M1 Classic and ES 100 M3 Special

Is ideal for spreading catch crops, grass seeds, nurse crops, slug pellets and similar granules. The working width can be adjusted to fulfil relevant requirements from the driver’s seat via the control box. The seeding density can be quickly and easily adjusted via a metering shutter on the device.



    • Tilling and sowing in a single process
    • Intercrops and nurse crops
    • Spreading insecticides
    • Fertilising
    • Rotational and permanent fallow land
    • Distribution of slug pellets and similar granulates


    • High quality control box (RPM control and measurement and control)
    • Automatically relieves bridged/compacted material
    • Easy adjustment of the working width from the driver’s seat
    • Large refill opening
    • Hopper discharge port
    • Multiple mounting options
    • Large scope of delivery as standard. All necessary mounting parts included!
    • Automatic start in the case of firmly tapped spreading material
    • Straightforward adjustment of the working width from the driver’s seat


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