Trioliet Triomix (P) 1 AL self-loading mixer feeder wagon

The Triomix AL is a silage cutter and mixer feeder with conveyor belt in the back, also available with straw blower (P). Cut silage, mix and discharge feed, and even spread straw with a single machine. This is something you can now do, thanks to the multifunction Triomix (P) AL. This self loading mixer feeder wagon is equipped with a mechanically powered straw blower, capable of blowing straw into the barn up to a distance of 25 metres. Hay, straw, round and square bales are no problem for the Triomix. The discharge conveyor is located at the rear of the Triomix P.

  • U-form frame with hydraulic cutting knive system
  • Adjustable and reversible drawbar with 40 mm drawbar eye
  • Cross conveyer belt behind the mixing tub
  • Large dual wheels + hydraulic brakes
  • Camera system
  • 1 vertical Twin Stream auger (15mm)
  • Hydraulic loading system
  • Trioform auger knives
  • Wear ring
  • Wide angle PTO-shaft
  • Sealing brush at loading board
  • Electric operation
  • 1 Restrictor-blade

Also available with straw bedder (P)

  • Mechanically driven (by V-belts) strawbedder at front
  • Low blower pipe for spreading width up to 25m


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