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  • NC Engineering Link a Sweep 2300 Redesigned Link Box (New)

    Hydraulic link box.
    A Sweeper/Collector.
    Oil flow requirements 7.6 gallons per
    Minute (35 litres)
    Can be separated to use as standard link
    Range available in widths 6’ 10’’, 7’ 10’’, 8’
    10’’ (2.08m, 2.38m and 2.69m)
    Various combinations of bristles
    (segments) available, i.e. Polypropylene
    and Steel or Polypropylene
    Quick attach onto tractor
    Galvanised canopy as standard
    Standard Hardened wear edge on link box
    Option Kerb Brush
    Option Dribble bar for dust suppression
    Park stands for sweeper when not in us
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  • 2017 NC Engineering Demo Model 16 Ton Silage Trailer (Used)

    Only completed 10 loads

    comes with up and over door, roll over grain cover, oil over air brake suspension, tyres 560 x 60 x 22.5. Trade in considered.

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  • NC Engineering Agricultural Low Loader Trailer

    A height adjustable, sprung drawbar is standard on all 16, 22 and 25 Ton models.

    The flatbed floor is fitted out with 50mm softwood timber along its entire length with the beaver tail steel chequer plated for extra durability. Grip bars are welded to the beaver tail to provide extra grip for tracked machines.

    Standard ramps are 700mm (2’4” wide) enabling even narrow machines to load onto a standard trailer. Ramps are spring assisted to ease raising and lowering.

    All main models use two or three 8-stud 90mm axles rated to 40kph and fitted with 215/75×17.5 twin tyres. These are mounted on 80mm springs on the 16 and 22 Ton models and 100mm springs on the 25 Ton. The underslung suspension set-up gives good ground clearance whilst maintaining a low bed height. Hydraulic brakes are standard using 25mm brake rams and sprung release.

    A lockable toolbox is fitted to the kerbside of the trailer for storage of chains etc and crash bars are fitted along both sides. Rope hooks and chime bars are fitted closely along both sides of the trailer providing plenty of securing points for different types of loads. 

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  • NC Engineering 600 Series Dump Trailer

    NC offer a range of dump trailers from 12 to 16 Tonne complete with optional Aluminium ramps

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  • NC Engineering 300 Series Powertilt Dump Trailer

    NC offer a range of dump trailer starting with 10T to 20T featuring the revolutionary power tilt tail door.(magic tail door) This feature gives the user the option to have both a tail door or open back dump trailer with out having to remove a hinged door.

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  • NC Engineering Rootcrop and Beetheaper Trailer

    NC Offer the complete range of Rootcrop & Beetheaper Trailers. Rootcrop trailers are build standard with 4 foot sides to reduce damage to your valuable crop. Beetheaper trailers are uniquely designed to tip to 60° and with a high lift tail door to allow for high stacking of Beets. 

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  • NC Engineering Grain / Silage Trailer


    • Available in 10-20 tonne models with large cubic capacity body
    • Chassis and body fabricated from high strength materials making trailer up to 15% lighter than conventional trailers, depending on model
    • Extensive design work has resulted in a lower centre of gravity than other ‘half pipe’ designs. (Lower C of G than most conventional trailers)
    • Heavy duty sprung suspension
    • 105 kph High speed axles, with large brakes fitted across most models
    • 3 mm Hardox single piece floor
    • 3 mm sides single piece using high strength material
    • Body tapered front to rear
    • Large front window for optimum viewing of loads complete with stainless steel cover plate
    • 50° tipping angle
    • Full LED road lights, including twin rear clusters and LED flasher
    • Hydraulic rear door complete with rubber seal and safety latch as standard
    • Option of silage sides, weather sheet, Roll over cover, Grain chute, Air brakes, Load sensing, ABS system etc.
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  • NC Engineering Shear Grab / Block Cutter

    NC offer a range of Shear Grabs to suit all types of farms ranging in size from 1.3 metres to 3 metres. From the use of nickel chromed hydraulic rams to high strength steels and hardened steel cutting edge our shear grabs use the highest quality components available to cut cleanly with the minimum of power requirements.


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  • NC Engineering Yard Brush

    A low maintenance sweeper, ideal for grain stores

    Multiple Uses

    • Grain store & feed reheaping.
    • Straw & slurry clearing.
    • Farmyard tidying & livestock sheds.
    • Factory, warehouse & car park.
    • Sand, gravel & dry granular products.
    • Artificial sports surfaces.
    • Wood & general debris.
    • Indoor & outdoor use.
    • Moving snow.
    • Coal yards.
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  • NC Engineering Mounted Bucket and Brush Sweeper

    NC manufacture a mounted bucket complete with detachable sweeper, designed primarily for the loader/telescopic handler market. This powerful bucket mounted sweeper provides a material handling bucket that can be converted into a versatile sweeper collector unit. Various sweeper sizes are available including custom made to fit your own bucket. Pick up lugs are welded to the bucket and sweeper connected using a simple `quick attach system`. Sweeping/ collection is recommended in reverse direction. The sweeper can be supplied with brackets to suit various handlers/loaders or fork frame. Optional dust suppression water system is also available.

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