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  • Kane Drop Down Side Tipping Trailer

    Kane Trailers offer a range of drop down side trailers from 2.5 tonne to 14 tonne. These trailers are available with various accessories to build them into grain trailers or even silage trailers. The spec can vary depending on the customers’ needs.

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  • Kane Classic MQ Silage / Grain Tipping Trailer

    Possibly the most widely recognised trailer design in Ireland and even further afield. Produced since 1989 and receiving only slight modifications the ‘Classic’ range of trailers are still very popular. Now only offered in 12Tonne and 14Tonne due to the launch of the Kane Halfpipe range, these trailers are still aimed at both farmers and contractors.

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  • Kane Halfpipe Dump Trailer

    The new range of Halfpipe dumpers are a direct replacement for the previous wide body dump trailers. Which were a follow on from the success of the original DTM dump trailers (still produced). These Halfpipe dump trailers are mounted on a similar backbone chassis as the DTM dump and 12T Monique silage trailers, a very well proven design. The advantages of this new body design are as follows.

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  • Kane Halfpipe Silage / Grain Trailer

    The Halfpipe range is our flagship line of trailers replacing the well proven ‘classic design’ in the larger capacities 14T upwards. These trailers have a high specification as standard with the option of lesser specification. They are built with contractors in mind, supporting the fastest possible unloading combined with high speed running gear, upping your productivity. Also, a light weight design due to the use of high strength steels reduces the tare weight of your combination and consequently your fuel consumption. Couple this reduced weight with the incorporation of large 560 wide tyres and these trailers will be exert a low ground pressure making them very easy towed.

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