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  • Krone RX self loading and forager filled forage wagons

    RX is KRONE’s latest generation of forage wagons. Offering capacities between 36 and 43 m3, these machines serve two purposes – as self-loading and as controlled-unloading forage wagons but also as silage trailers in the transport fleet serving the forage harvester. The optional 30.5-inch tyres offer a higher load bearing, easier pulling, better soil protection and enhanced road safety. This versatility is paired with an outstanding reliability and efficiency, making the RX a particularly productive machine.

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  • Krone MX forage and discharge wagon

    More output from less horsepower: Buying a KRONE MX forage wagon means buying into experience and expertise. Innovations such as the camless EasyFlow pick-up system, the massive cut-and-feed rotor, the knife bank that swings out to the side, and the chain-and-slat floor that slopes at the front, they all combine to implement higher throughputs, lower power inputs, more operator comfort and less wear and maintenanc

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  • Krone AX self loading and forager filled forage wagons

    AX defines our range of forage wagons that offer capacities from 25 m³ to 31 m³ and which are available with different extensions that give users the flexibility to use them as self-loading forage wagons with and without discharge rollers but also as silage trailers in the maize harvest chain. AX suggests maximum reliability, efficiency and flexibility.

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  • Krone Swadro Trailed Six Rotor Rake

    The giant centre-delivery rake: Relying on six rotors and offering variable work widths between 10 m (32’10”) and 19 m (62’4″), Swadro 2000 from KRONE is the biggest machine on the market which brings you unsurpassed efficiency, very little maintenance and quickest changeovers as well as high transport speeds, great longevity and a maximum of operator comfort and on top covers up to 20 hectares (49.5 acres) per hour. The windrows produced by Swadro 2000 are about 30% shorter per hectare than those produced by a four-rotor rake. A 30% shorter windrow translates into fewer passes and an up to 15% higher output of the following harvesters. As such, Swadro 2000 presents the ideal machine for large-scale and contracting operations.

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  • Krone Trailed Four Rotor Rake

    The high-performance four-rotor centre-delivery rakes: Swadro 1400 and 1400 Plus from KRONE have four rotors that work at variable widths between 11.00 m (36’1″) and 13.50 m (44’4″) and easily achieve work rates of up to 13 ha (32 acres) per hour. These machines stand out for high capacity, quick changeovers, rapid travel, great longevity and easy use. Their enormous effi ciency makes Swadro 1400 and 1400 Plus very viable machines that meet the demands of contractors and coops.

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  • Krone Three Rotor Rake

    Raking nearly 20 metres (65’7″) into one double windrow, the three-rotor side delivery rake KRONE Swadro 1010 is the ideal match for a high-capacity precision-chop forage harvester. Offering stunning work rates of up to 10 ha/h, this machine is the performance booster of your harvest chain. Running on a wide wheel base and steered via an Ackerman system, this high-capacity rake offers an enormous agility and very easy maneuvering.

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  • Krone Trailed Twin Rotor Centre Delivery Rakes

    Trailed twin-rotor side-delivery rakes

    • Variable work widths plus individual rotor lift-out
    • Adjustable running gear for flexible track widths and big tyres
    • Easy handling on the headland and great lift-out heights
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  • Krone Twin Rotor Side Delivery Rakes

    Trailed twin-rotor side-delivery rakes

    • Perfect for single and double-windrow presentation as well as two windrows
    • Easy handling on the headland and high rotor lift-out
    • Very compact transport position
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  • Krone Swadro 35 | 38 | 42 | 46 single rotor rakes

    Three-point hitch single-rotor rakes

    • Standard tandem axle and flotation tyres
    • Stepless work width control for a consistently high-quality forage
    • The jockey wheel in the middle guides the rotor in undulating fields

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  • Krone KWT Trailed Rotary Tedders

    Working at wide widths and behind small tractors, the models KWT 7.82, KWT 8.82, KWT 10.02 and KWT 11.22 with transport running gear are the ideal machines to operate behind low-horsepower tractors with small lift capacities. Working at widths of up to 11.00 m (36’1″), these tedders are yet further evidence that KRONE delivers the goods to modern farming.

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  • Krone KW – Mounted Rotary Tedders

    • KW 4.62, KW 5.52, KW 6.02, KW 6.72 and KW 7.82 – working at 4.60 m to 7.80 m (15’1″ to 25’7″) widths with rotors in various diameters
    • Central border spreading facility manual or hydraulic control (option)
    • Convenient operation via a single-acting spool
    • KW 7.92, KW 8.82, KW 10.02, KW 11.22 – working at widths of 7.90 -11.00 m (25’11” – 36’1″)
    • Small and medium-size rotor diameters, consistent rotor spacings, uniform wilting
    • Damper braces with Eladur spring elements enhance smooth rides
    • Fold-in end rotors reduce transport height
    • Complete range of mounted and trailed models
    • Maintenance-free driveline with 8-finger OctoLink clutch
    • Maintenance-free, liquid-grease lubricated gearboxes
    • Hardwearing Super-C tines
    • Central border spreading control
    • Maximum operator comfort
    • Robust box sections
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  • Krone EasyCut Mower Combinations

    Boosting your productivity

    • EasyCut B 750, B 890, B 970 without conditioner
    • EasyCut B 950 Collect without conditioners but with merger augers
    • EasyCut B 870 CV and B 1000 CV with steel tine conditioner
    • EasyCut B 870 CR and B 1000 CR with roller conditioner
    • EasyCut B 870 CV Collect and 870 CR Collect, B 1000 CV Collect and B 1000 CR Collect with cross conveyor belts
    • Robust, yet lightweight design
    • Quick-change blades
    • SafeCut INSIDE: Individually protected discs
    • SmartCut for stripeless cuts
    • Combi Float: Uniform pressure across the full work width (Agritechnica Silver Medal)
    • Impact damage protection
    • Telescoping mower arms
    • Large work width, low transport height
    • Maximum operator comfort
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  • Krone EasyCut trailed disc mowers

    Trailed disc mowers

    • Side- or mid-mounted drawbar
    • Robust and fully welded cutterbar with and massive permanently lubricated sprockets
    • Quick-change blades
    • SafeCut INSIDE – impact protection for each individual disc
    • SmartCut – blades overlap generously for stripeless cuts
    • DuoGrip – double guidance and centre-of-gravity suspension
    • Optimum ground pressure control from responsive and adjustable springs
    • Steel tine conditioner with steep angle V-tines
    • Roller conditioner with profiled rollers for intensive conditioning
    • Cross conveyor belt for variable swath sizes
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  • Krone Rear Mounted Easycut Mower

    Unmatched performance

    • Perfect cuts
    • Low tractor input
    • Easy handling
    • Dependable and long-lasting
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  • Krone Front Mounted Easycut

    Unmatched performance

    • Perfect cuts
    • Low tractor input
    • Easy handling
    • Dependable and long-lasting
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  • Krone ActiveMow rear mounted disc mowers

    The ultimate mowing experience

    • Side-pull mowers with huge pivoting angle
    • Optimum ground pressure from responsive tension springs
    • Easy ground pressure adjustment on pins and without tools
    • Efficient driveshaft based driveline
    • Robust and fully welded cutterbar without inner shoe
    • Quick-change blades SafeCut INSIDE – individual disc protection
    • SmartCut – optimum orbital overlaps for stripeless cuts
    • Upright and mid-mount transport position for compact travel, a balanced weight distribution and clear view to the rear
    • Optional stands for upright storage and minimum space requirement
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  • Krone AM-S / AM-CV rear mounted disc mowers

    High-comfort and high-efficiency mowers

    • Side-pull mowers with huge pivoting angle
    • Driveshaft powered gears for ultimate efficiency
    • Massive spur gears for quiet running and longevity
    • Robust and fully welded cutterbar
    • Quick-fit blades for quick and easy change (Not available in North America)
    • Pivoting V-shaped steel tines for optimum conditioning
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  • New Krone Swadro TC640 Twin Rotor Rake

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