• Amazone TW tandem roller

    The preferred application for the TW tandem roller (diameter: 520 mm / 380 mm) is seedbed preparation as it features an especially good crumbling effect. This crumbling effect is achieved by the different circumferential speeds of the smaller and the bigger rollers which is particularly noticeable on light to medium soils.
    Thanks to the freely hanging suspension of the tandem roller, an optimum soil contour adaptation of the two rollers is ensured.
    As an option, a following harrow for additional crumbling and levelling is available.

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  • Amazone Wedge ring roller with Matrix tyre profile

    The KWM Matrix tyre profile wedge ring roller (diameter: 650 mm) features the largest diameter within the roller programme and offers many advantages, and not only due to its size. It is flexibly usable on virtually all soils and under all conditions and, because of its big diameter, has a very good carrying ability. Thanks to its Matrix tyre profile, in addition, a safe self-driving effect is ensured keeping the pulling power requirement very low.

    The profile of the Matrix tyres also provides a good crumbling effect with sufficient fine soil being created in the reconsolidated strips.
    The individually adjustable scrapers keep the roller clean, safely and reliably, even under the most arduous of conditions.

    As an option, a following harrow for the additional crumbling and levelling, is available from choice.

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  • Amazone KW Wedge ring roller

    The KW wedge ring roller (diameter: 580 mm) can be utilised universally and is especially recommended when a targeted reconsolidation of the seedbed in strips is the target. No matter whether under moist or dry conditions, or whether on light or heavy soils, the wedge ring roller always operates reliably. With the aid of rubber rings, the wedge ring roller creates optimally reconsolidated strips. The gaps in between remain loose ensuring good drainage and allowing the soil to breath. This targeted reconsolidation causes a capillary action which promotes the draw of soil water up to the surface. Large amounts of rainfall seep away through the non-reconsolidated areas. The individually adjustable scrapers safely and reliably clean the roller, even under the most difficult of conditions.
    As an option, a following harrow for additional crumbling and levelling is available from choice.

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  • Amazone PW Tooth Packer Roller

    The PW tooth packer roller (diameter: 600 mm) is designed to provide reconsolidation over the entire working width. The welded teeth provide a good crumbling effect resulting in more fine soil and even in sticky soils, or where large amounts of plant residues prevail, the adjustable scrapers ensure blockage-free operation. As standard, the scrapers are reinforced with a hard metal coating and thus offer a long service life, even under the most arduous of operational conditions.

    The optimum scope of application is for use on medium to heavy soils where the tooth packer roller shows good carrying ability and generates a good self-driving effect. As an option, a tined following harrow that creates additional crumbling and levelling is available from choice.

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  • Amazone SW Cage roller

    The robust SW cage roller (diameter: 520 mm or 600 mm) is a simple and affordable entry-level depth control roller. Thanks to its low weight, this roller is especially suited to tractors with less lifting power. The cage roller reconsolidates the soil across the direction of travel providing good crumbling and an open surface structure. Especially on light soils, the cage roller is characteristically good in its carrying ability and turns reliably. Thanks to the scrolled arrangement of the sturdy tubes, a high rigidity and operational reliability is ensured.

    Also, for incorporating behind liquid manure spreaders, or for carrying out soil tillage after manure application, the cage roller is the ideal choice.
    With the larger roller (diameter: 600 mm) an even better carrying ability and reconsolidation is achieved. In addition, the cage roller is characterised by its good rolling behaviour and smooth running. As an option, a following harrow that offers additional crumbling and levelling is available from choice.

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  • Amazone AW land roller

    The land roller AW is superbly suited for the rolling after the seed on heavy and light soils. The full area crumbling on the surface and the recompaction of the seed placement horizon improves the water economy in the germ area. This results in an optimum germination of the seed. By rolling also the germination of volunteer grain and weed seeds after stubble tilth is clearly improved. Safe in road transport by the rear running gear and the hydraulic folding to 2.50 m transport width.

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