Krone Big Pack Square Baler

Big Balers

  • HighSpeed: Much higher capacity thanks to higher stroke frequency and larger pre-chamber
  • HDP: higher bale density – up to 25 % heavier bales
  • HDP II: Up to 70 % higher throughput or up to 10 % higher bale density

  • Chamber sizes from 80 x 70 cm (2’7.5″x 2’4″) to 120 x 130 cm (3’11″x 4’3″)
  • Camless EasyFlow Pick-up with powered feed roller
  • VFS Variable Filling System
  • The Cutting systems XCut, VariCut, PreChop
  • MultiBale system: up to nine small bales in one pack
  • PreChop: for finely chopped, short straw lengths
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